Paris day 4

My last cafe au lait in France…

My last day I had to leave Morgane’s place at 6:30AM in order to make my way out to Beauvais. I get to the Metro stop and my pass isn’t working, nor is there a kiosk to buy a new one. Nor is anyone in the little office to help me out. So I did what any other Parisian would do and as soon as someone exited, I held the door open and slipped in. Except it closed on my backpack and for one scary moment I thought I would be stuck in Paris forever. But then I shimmied it down a bit until it got loose and I was free! I felt like I had escaped prison. (Synchronistic moment #1)

So, I had my metro route all mapped out but as I got off to change to the last line I saw a sign saying it was closed until 10AM. My bus for the airport was leaving at 7:20AM. I panicked and tried to find out if I could take another line, but there was no direct route and switching as much as I needed to would have taken another 45 minutes.

So I figured I might as well go outside and hail a cab since I only had 20 minutes. I look at my map and see that I basically need to head in the direction of the Arc du Triumph. Easy enough. Except once outside I see that there are no cabs. And I realize even if I run, with this cumbersome backpack, I would never make it. Things appeared grim.

Then, like magic, a helpful soul pulls up next to me and shouts “Mademoiselle!” from his window. His eyes are kind and his smile is generous. He speaks English and I tell him that I am trying to get to the bus station. He offers to take me, and I hop in for the five-minute ride. I mention that he is up early, and he laughs as he tells me he is just now coming home after dancing all night. That’s my boy. His name is Dennis, and he’s happy to help me out. I think he was an angel. (Synchronistic moment #2)

Thanks to him (thanks Dennis!) I make my bus and my plane back to Madrid. As I’m leaving Barajas, a woman flying out that day gives me her Metro pass with trips still on it. (Synchronistic moment #3)

The whole Universe was conspiring to help me that day. So, thanks. 🙂

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3 Responses to Paris day 4

  1. No ma’am you did not hop into a car with a stranger in a foreign land! BAD ERIN! BAD!

  2. barry says:

    Cheyne – It was synchronistic, so it was ok.

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