Mercado San Miguel

An entire building devoted to pretty food? Count me in. The Mercado San Miguel is in this lovely glass building that sits like an ornate jewel near the Plaza Mayor. Inside, delicacies and delights beckon with sticky fingers and won’t let you leave until you’ve sampled your way through the market.

my snack. i got a fresa with my champers! After, my friend and I went walking through the Lavapies neighborhood, which has these wonderful, splashy colors for buildings and can remind you a bit of the Caribbean. A bit. We ended up by the Reina Sofia, and having worked up a massive thirst, ordered a jar of sangria. Behold, the 20 Euro jar of sangria, ladies and gentlemen. And let this be a lesson to you: never order anything without asking the price first. We had our asses handed to us by this sangria.

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One Response to Mercado San Miguel

  1. Leah says:

    I want to dive right into that sangria and live in there, it’s so beautiful!

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