Barcelona – dia segunda

Due to our return home as the sun was rising, we sleep until 12. Lame. I hate wasting a perfectly good day. Not only do we sleep late, but we linger in bed watching Happy Thank You More Please. The best way to waste a day. If you haven’t seen this movie, stop what you’re doing right now and go get it. It’s beautiful.

We eventually drag ourselves out of the house and head to Park Guell with wine. The park was packed, but we found ourselves a lovely little nook where a Brasilera was singing the gentlest bossa nova to be found, in a most melodic voice. Enchanting.

never too far from wine or a pen…
 view from Chelsea’s rooftop terrace, Tibidabo in the hazy distance

My sleeper car home was more like a coffin. Not good for those with a touch of claustrophobia. I couldn’t even sit up straight in my bed. ugh – horrible. I had wine with me, but no cup. So I drank straight from the bottle as I watched Parks and Rec. Classy lady.

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