Cinco de Mayo

You didn’t think I’d miss out on Cinco de Mayo just cause I’m living in Spain, did ya? I could never betray my Mexican roots in such an offensive way.

Lana took me to a teeeeeny taqueria for tacos and margaritas. After almost 3 weeks of fried food and iceberg lettuce salads, I could barely contain myself. They had quesadillas! I seriously died. Then came back to life and ate some more. Fact: Texans cannot go long periods of time without Mexican food.

We actually ended up getting loads of free beer and free tequila shots so it was a productive evening. It’s always a huge celebration back home so I hope everyone made it a great day.


Taqueria mi Ciudad
C/ Fuentes, 11, Madrid – 608 621 096

highly recommend!

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5 Responses to Cinco de Mayo

  1. hotelswelove says:

    Nice shot. Pass the lime! 🙂

  2. Cynthia says:

    “Fact: Texans cannot go long periods of time without Mexican food.” <—Loves it! I once said, "I don't even want to live somewhere salsa/picante isn't a regular condiment." I later amended that to breakfast tacos have to be available within a mile radius. Miss you Ladyz!

    • erinparker75 says:

      it’s almost like we’re brainwashed!

      • Cynthia says:

        Yes, But in such a good way. I had amazing Korean tacos at the food truck festival this weekend. Through tacos we can achieve world peace!

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