Costa Rica – 3

Next stop: Monteverde. Hooty hoo!

We wake up at an ungodly hour after dancing all night at the discoteca in order to wheel our suitcases (yes, suitcases) down a muddy road in order to hop on a boat (with T-Pain) that will cross Lake Arenal and take us to Monteverde. This is the fastest way to go y’all. Will only take about 2.5 hours instead of by car or bus which is 4-8 hours. Yikes. It was on this trip where I learned that you go to the bathroom, no matter what, before embarking on a journey. Valuable lesson, people.

See the prettys below:

Did I mention that my second day in Costa Rica I had completely lost my voice? Like, completely. I wasn’t even able to whisper. Felt completely fine, of course, just no voice. Thanks a lot, body. So that means that I was using my own version of sign language to communicate with all of our cool new friends. You never realize how much you talk, or how many smart ass comments you make, until you aren’t allowed to anymore.

Anywho –

We get into Monteverde, the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica, plop down our stuff at the least seediest hostel and go on a walk. There’s a group gathered by the side of the road and they flag us down to look at a sloth in the tree. Just doing his thang. Then one of the blokes hears my voice and scoops me up to go see his first aid kit. He insists on giving me half his supply of meds, insuring me that I will feel better in no time. I’m always so touched by tiny gestures of generosity from strangers. To go all Paulo Coelho on you, it really lets you see the Soul of the World.

Monteverde is the best place in my opinion for zip lining. Not for the weak of heart, either. It’s high and it’s fast. And perfect. Then we did this one Tarzan jump at the end of the day that I swore was going to separate my torso from my legs, but…turns out it didn’t.

That night we hung out in a treehouse. Really! It was the coolest coffee shop built up into the trees. There, we met a rowdy bunch of Israelis with whom we partied with for the rest of the night. It was that night that I discovered my affinity for Israelis. If you’re baffled by this, rest assured – many of my (male) friends are too. But here’s the curveball: I’m baffled that YOU’RE baffled.

I did not doctor the following sunset picture. Costa Rica IS that perfect.

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