The Queen Vic

The Queen Vic has a couple of things going for it. For starters, it’s a pub, and anything that makes me feel like I’m sitting on a busy street in Putney quaffing a few ciders makes me happy. How I miss my Magners. Secondly, it’s the sister restaurant to Oporto, one of my favorite hangouts. If you’ve been to Oporto I’m sure you’ve seen the chef/owner Richard Di Virgilio milling about and talking to the customers. He very much appreciates a sassy mouth which I why I come calling so frequently.

The Queen Vic is a gastropub. That means I had to look that word up. Take your regular pub, dress it up in a ruffled dress and put some heels on it, and you’ve got your gastropub. The prices follow this sentiment. But don’t be dismayed! This spot is well worth the stop.

I was immediately hit with a comforting sense of coziness when I walked in. The warm mahogany and dim lighting create an ambience akin to a library. A library with more beer than you can imagine. And no books. So, a library with beer instead of books, if you will.

The wait staff is phenomenal, and super knowledgeable when it came to beer, of which me and my dining companions were no amateurs. I chose one of their many flights, since that appeals to the non committal woman living inside of me.

My brother was turned onto to Milky Stout, which was so delicious I helped him finish it.

We started off with INCREDIBLE baked oysters, with spinach and parmesan. They were warm and juicy, with just the right amount of toppings to compliment their salty flavor.

I wanted to go for a proper Sunday roast, which they offer and which I’ve never had, but was discouraged by the fools I was with and chose the tikka misala instead. The fella ordered the lamb vindaloo. I’ll be honest – the tikka misala disappointed me. The chicken tasted rubbery, if you can imagine, and the sauce just seemed to be lacking some punch. However the lamb vindaloo! Hold me back boys, I’m diving in. It was incredible. And lo, what could the Universe have in store for me this eve but the fact that the fella preferred MY dish over HIS! Praise praise. We swapped and were happy campers the rest of the meal. Do you see how soft and buttery that naan is below?? I think I ordered 2 extra sides of it. Don’t judge.

The brother went for the hanger steak with pomegranate glaze and rocket. Rare. He likes his steak bloody. And it was so amazing he ordered two. No joke! But he’s training for Ironman so he’s eating quite a bit these days…He won the ordering prize that night.

Top recommendations:

-Milky Stout
-Hanger Steak
-Lamb Vindaloo
-Baked oysters

Sundays are for eating and drinking. And Snorg Tees.

Has anyone had the Sunday Roast there?

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