Montreal, mon ami!

The morning we leave for Montreal, I check my bank account first thing. I want to make sure I have plenty of money in my checking account to allow me all of the fun I am guaranteed to have.

This is what I see:

Current balance: 0

$0 means no fun to be had. I check my account summary tab and see that someone has indeed been having fun at my expense – at a Wal-Mart in Charlotte. Dream big thieves, dream big.

$2800 later, they were done redoing their home and called it a day. That was nice. And I think after that whole scenario I have every single Chase Bank number memorized. It took a while to get my money back, but I’m not here to talk about this. Besides, I had my sugar daddy (Cheyne) with me so I wasn’t concerned.

We embark on the 6 hour drive to Montreal and I’m blown away by upstate New York. GORGEOUS folks. Just gorgeous.

It was also ample time for Cheyne to start teaching me French. He began by making me read every sign we passed once we crossed the border. I will admit – I struggled and fought him, but he was a bully and made me continue. And after a while, I started to differentiate the letters and speak words with a French accent instead of Spanish. But thanks to him I can now say “Please open our wine bottle, handsome waiter.” Which is very important to know. A few other choice phrases were taught but there really is no need to go over those.

We are staying with Duncan and Emilie for the weekend. Duncan is a fellow Aggie living in Montreal since graduating and Emilie is his lovely French girlfriend who left France for Montreal years ago.

After a long drive, we needed to recover from such harrowing travels and promptly cracked open some beers and lazed on their patio. The loveliest apartment on the loveliest street with the loveliest patio. I heart Montreal!

Duncan has organized a barbecue with his friends at the park and has taken care of all the items – Cheyne and I just have to show up. Cheyne and I were most amazed, however with his park ready “grill”, which we thought he rigged up himself. Turns out, they sell them like that up there! Oh Canada.

Our gracious hosts:

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4 Responses to Montreal, mon ami!

  1. Mike says:

    Nice , i really like the pix that u have on your top of the page ….i should get one of these blogs too ..good job

  2. debra says:

    The pic of the grill made me laugh. Not something you would dare pull out for a barbeque here in Texas.

  3. Shanyé says:

    Turns out they sell them at Wal-mart… I googled it.

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