World Cup in Spain

Yo soy espanol espanol espanol!

You have to ask yourself what the chances are of traveling the world and happening to pick the one spot on the globe to win the World Cup.

Pretty slim.

So, I guess I’m pretty lucky.

Being in Madrid as Spain won la copa mundial was borderline apocalyptic. The energy amassed from that night could fuel several trips to the moon I’m sure.

The moment it happened, we were crammed in a tiny bar off of Sol, and brought in the win with champagne raining down and men dancing on top of the bars and leading chants. Spanish flags, colors, wine, tapas, music, cars, water…it was all there.

We spill into the streets, there is dancing, screaming, drinking, honking, crowds  – someone is on their balcony, spraying water from their kitchen sink hose onto the crowd below, people dancing below in the diamond droplets, glistening water rolling off of their smiling faces and painting the cobble stones a slick gray.

If there was anything to climb, it was scaled. Men walking around with coolers full of beer, people shelling out every last Euro in order to get a taste of the excitement, sparklers, TV cameras, red, yellow, flags, wine, music, screaming. I could jump on those waves of energy and ride them for days. It had no beginning and no end.

Every corner was occupied – trash, couples, boxes of wine, cigarettes, blankets, bocadillos. A city as massive as Madrid, and there was no corner unturned. No privacy to be had. The city multiplied and heaved. People poured out of their homes, cities and villages in order to participate in the celebrations. 5AM was 10PM was 2PM. The sun stopped mandating time and Spain commanded the hours of the day.

When Spain wins the World Cup – nothing matters.  🙂

The next day – we welcomed the players back into the city.

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4 Responses to World Cup in Spain

  1. Angharad says:

    One word: epic. I can’t believe you were there for this! What a ridiculous experience; and you put it into words so well 🙂

  2. debra says:

    your writing makes me feel like I am right there with you. Keep on with your telling of your trips. They are awesome

  3. Renee says:

    I LOVE hearing about your travels Erin…it makes me feel like I’m right there with you! Don’t stop traveling and posting!!

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