Bilbao and le Guggenheim

The interim from Pamplona to San Sebastian was quick:

We high tailed it back to Vitoria for a much needed shower and sleep. Ahhh sleep. Worth its weight in gold I tell ya.

And who knew Vitoria was SO lovely!?

is there anything more delicious than tree-lines streets?

Shame on you for keeping it from me for so long. Glorious weather, charming architecture, welcoming outdoor cafes and NO tourists! Yippee! I’ve found my haven.

We had a dinner of Chinese (so sick of jamon by now) and scampered off to find a bar for the Spain – Germany game.

The next morning we head to Bilbao for a quick stop at the Guggenheim.

A lot of contemporary art which I’m not into at all. But meh, it’s all about experience, right? Bring it on, steel, rusty wonders…

I saw this exhibit at the MOMA in NYC!

I was most fascinated by the Basque language – Euskara. A bit of background, Euskara PRE-DATES Latin, having already been established by the time the Romans occupied Spain. That’s old. Not only that, the language is completely untraceable and original, with no known roots in any other language. This means its a “language isolate.” Fascinating! Where did this anomaly come from? I heart mysteries.

On our way to San Sebastian!

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