7 Tips For Pamplona

You too, can look like him

So here’s the thing with Pamplona – I could have used a few tips when making arrangements for this trip. Knowing certain things in advance would have greatly increased the comfort factor in many situations while we were there. That being said, here is my little take on what you should keep in mind, should you run with the bulls…

Book lodging 6 months out, minimum, otherwise plan on camping, and bring all your gear. You can also get creative and try www.vrbo.com for vacation rentals, www.couchsurfing.com for a free place, or the omnipresent craigslist.

Buy your Pamplona kit once there. Don’t worry about having clothes before – heaps of vendors sell everything that you will need for the festivities.

Wear closed toe shoes that you won’t care to throw away when you’re done with the festivities.

Limit personal belongings to a bare minimum. Can be a bit tricky if you have to drop your bag at a consigna like we did, but let’s face it – bulky purses only get in the way of dancing. You won’t care what you have on you at 5am anyway. Leave it.

Carry toilet paper. Crucial!!!!

Arrive at fence at 5am to get spot on post. Have bottle(s) of wine, friends, cards, etc. to pass the time.

Have a jacket and scarf – it gets chilly early in the morning when you stop dancing and are soaked in wine.

Pamplona by day

Buena suerte amigos. Disfrutalos todo y emborrachalos!!!

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2 Responses to 7 Tips For Pamplona

  1. Emily says:

    Wine: check
    Crappy shoes: check
    Camping gear: check

    I’m Ready!

  2. Thomas says:

    El Encierro. Do it.

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