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Hangout Fest Blues

We got back from Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores on Monday evening. 5 days of the beach, breaking my routine, seeing old friends, eating great food (oops) and discovering new bands. I’ll write a real blog about the festival once I’ve got … Continue reading

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Hangout Fest – Gulf Shores

Heard of Hangout? It’s a 3 day music festivus on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We’re going Thursday. Have a condo right on the beach. Holla! We leave Wednesday for New Orleans to spend the night with the lovely … Continue reading

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Fish Tacos with tomatillo salsa – The best damn tacos you will ever eat!

There is no time to waste. I can wax poetic about how I’ve never had fish tacos this tasty, even at the best fish taco restaurants. But I will not! Because the fact is they are, and you must go … Continue reading

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Shrimp Pasta with Bone Marrow

Now let’s deal with these bones. As a bone marrow lover, I knew I wasn’t going to just toss out those old bones without finding some other use for them. Perhaps its the Native American in me. You know their … Continue reading

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Why you should be drinking bone broth…i guess

When I left Dr. Ginsberg’s office, they gave me a sample of recipes that are good for leaky gut. They didn’t come right out and say I have leaky gut (which IMO is one of the ickiest names for a … Continue reading

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Saw a new doctor last week. I feel like I’ve run my course with Mathias. Every time I go with the same old symptoms (anxiety/insomnia) he just throws a new Rx at me and says he doesn’t know what else … Continue reading

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McGonigel’s Mucky Duck

Irish jam session, baby

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